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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Count down continues...

Eek, so it's less than two months now, our apartment is pretty sparse, we're using cardboard boxes as night stands and already using our suitcase as a dresser!  I'm already getting slightly depressed about leaving my poor cat behind, haha, but Chris is super excited to not have cat hair in his life for the duration of our trip!
We had an epic September long weekend, with 11 guests in a house with minimal cooking utensils, but we made due!  BBQ's, group floating extravaganza's on the lake and a breakfast outing that ended with Denny's vs. Perkin's chants (Denny's won by the way!).  Anyways, my next challenge is to learn how to post photos, yippie!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two month countdown!

Well well well,

So I thought it would be 'neat' to start an online blog for those of you who care and want to see what kind of trouble Chris and I will be getting ourselves into while traveling to Australia and Europe over the next year.  This is the place to come check to make sure we are both still alive and able to afford food, hehe!

This past Saturday, we had a garage sale in Kelowna where strangers alike fought over our old junk and collectibles and we were able to sell pretty much everything and make a little 'cheddar' for our trip fund, yippie!  We still have to figure out how we are shipping Topher our cat back to Kingston to spend the next year-ish with my generous dad who is going to baby sit his shedding orange self, Thanks Dad!

K, that's about it, just testing the ol' blog out tonight, will update soon-ish!